I feel populations of dancers (those who learn dance are dancers) are growing quite fast, nowadays.

Dancing meditation is also rapidly growing, in parallel with the growth of sedentary/stillness meditation.

It is an awesome phenomena !

In our high-tech sedentary life, and with the individualistic culture, many of us are hungry for dance – that expression of passions, that aliveness of moving of body.

However, isn’t your dance happening only on a dance floor?

Aren’t you keeping your dance as “my (secret) hobby”? Yes, often time, dance has a taste of “secrecy”…

Once you step out of the dance floor, are you not shying away and returning to your “regular self” which does not easily show your dancer’s side to others?

Are you dancing your daily life?

Dancing daily life doesn’t necessarily mean that you suddenly start dancing on a metro platform, or kitchen of your house while cooking – it’ll be awesome, though.

That Passion.

That aliveness, fluidity, energy, joy, spontaneity, authenticity, and creativity, which you express through dance….

Those, we can bring into our daily life.

How we see and experience dance itself, would make this shift.

My next dance workshop on blooming into womanhood is also about this – about shifting in how we live our daily life as a woman. Come join !

PS: My friend made an awesome documentary of Conscious Dance – highly recommended to watch it! http://kenmartini.com/dance-documentary/